Our Sandblasting Services

We focus on being the best blasting service in the greater Denver metro area and offer a range of high-demand preparation and restoration services.

Our services include...

  • Sandblasting
  • Plastic Bead Blasting
  • Soda Blasting
  • Alloy Metal Stripping
  • Paint Removal
  • Rust Removal
  • Powder Coat Removal
  • Sign Blasting
  • Surface Restoration
  • Surface Preparation
  • Mill Scale Removal
art blasting

Specialized Abrasive Blasting

Our blast technicians treat each project with the maximum attention to detail and turn projects quickly in our fully contained Englewood facility. As Blast Tech’s customer testimonials and referrals attest, we perform the best sandblasting, metal stripping, and surface preparation in Colorado.

Top Services Supporting the Following Customers & Industries:


Blast Tech is a trusted resource in the Colorado automotive scene. We routinely blast collector, antique, vintage, hotrod, muscle cars, and restomods.


We can work directly with the car enthusiast or with their preferred auto restoration specialist or auto body shop. Typically, Blast Tech is among the first stops in the auto restoration process. Media blasting reveals the car’s underlying condition, after stripping off paint and bondo to expose the bare metal underneath (or in the case of Corvettes, to the original fiberglass).


Blast Tech also strips motorcycle frames, BMX bikes frames, and bicycle frames, as well as airplane parts. We have a stripping tank which is especially useful on alloy wheels to soften the coating before they go into the blast booth, allowing for a more gentle blast.


Customers: Farland Classic Restoration, Apex Auto Body, Classic Touch, Porter Auto Body

truck blasting
industrial blasting 1


Blast Tech is part of the production process supply chain for its industrial customers in manufacturing and machining, preparing their newly manufactured parts with the proper texture profile to receive a protective coating.


Additionally, Blast Tech helps restore industrial equipment, removing rust and debris, and removing coatings from alloy parts. We can prioritize equipment maintenance work whenever possible to minimize downtime.


Customers: National Carwash Systems, Fathom Digital Manufacturing, Industrial Service Solutions


While we don’t apply any coatings at Blast Tech, we routinely prepare projects for their next protective coating by removing rust, paint, auto paint, powder coat, plating, etc. We also provide the proper texture profile before a new coating is applied so that the coating will durably adhere.


Blast Tech works with several quality powder coaters, and two companies have regular pick up and deliveries to Blast Tech, saving our customers a trip. We can also share referrals to other companies for plating, anodizing, galvanizing, and Cerakote. We’ve pretty much got your project covered (pun intended)!


Blast Tech also works with area sign makers to produce beautiful raised-letter or engraved/recessed signs in wood, stone, Metex or other surfaces


Customers: Blue Flame, Industrialex, Innovation Forge, Zuni Signs

commercial blasting 1
household blasting 2


If you are renovating, we can freshen up your items by removing rust and old paint from items like garden gates, claw footed bathtubs, deck or stair railing, fencing, basement window well grates, and heating grates. We also remove paint and varnish from wood, including cabinets and furniture, and can strip metal garden furniture.


Blast Tech is privileged to work with some of Colorado’s finest artists on their large-scale metal art. We can blast public art with a variety of media to get the proper finish for your chosen protective coating.

Customers: EG Studios, Shachtman Studios

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All services are provided at our facility. Please call for pricing.

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